Loft Conversion Plans and Drawings Birmingham

We here at Thomasters Design want to make your loft conversion as simple and easy as possible. If you aren’t fully committed to the conversion process, but are interested in what a conversion might look like, then this is the service you need.

If you are a general builder considering a conversion for a customer and aren’t completely sure of the best process and need some technical assistance, then, once again, this could be the service you need.

If you are considering selling your home and feel that getting the loft converted would make your home more desirable to buyers, but you don’t want to have do it all and just want to show a prospective buyer what a new loft might look like, then our service is for you.

No matter what kind of conversion project you have in mind, you can count on us to give you the best loft conversion plans and drawings for your property.

We visit your home and design a practical, aesthetically pleasing loft conversion. We then put those ideas into an architectural package that shows the technical process used to achieve the finished result. We outline the details of any planning applications you need to do – and can even apply for planning permission for you if necessary. This includes information on building regulation requirements to ensure your application is accepted.

Alternatively, you can take our plans and decide what to do next and move at your own pace.


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