House Extensions Plans and Drawings Birmingham

We’ve spent a lot of time planning, building, and working on home extensions. We’re proud to say that we’ve gotten good at it in that time. No matter what kind of property you have or what ideas you have for your extension, we will provide a listening ear and work with you to deliver an affordable great design that suits your budget.

When people consider adding an extension to their homes, most people don’t realise just how much the design of the extension can have on their homes – and on their lives. You want to ensure that the extension has been properly designed. A well-designed home can change how you live and is sure to improve your overall sense of well-being. A badly-designed home can be a nightmare to live in.

For an extension to be considered good and worth it, it should improve how you live your life and it should improve your home. A good extension is one that adds extra living space to your home and adds extra value to it.

We will work with you to plan a home extension and draw up plans and blueprints. We want you to know what your new home will look like before it gets built. These plans also help when it comes to acquiring planning permission for the extension.

Architectural Drawings

We will create the drawings of the plans and email them to you – or post them through the mail. You have the chance to alter and tweak the design to make sure it matches what you want out of your extension.

After you approve the design we will produce fully detailed architectural plans ready for your approval. Once those are approved, we handle all of the necessary paperwork and submit everything to your local council for you to acquire planning permission. The plans will go through the verification process with the local authority, and then they will consider the plans and deliver a verdict within eight weeks.

Things don’t just come to a halt in that time though. We take the chance to liaise with planners to ensure that things are moving smoothly. Sometimes taking the time to talk to the planning office and learning if they need any extra information or if they would like us to make a small change to the plans can guarantee that an application is approved when it might otherwise have been denied.



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