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It’s no secret many homes have a restrictive amount of living space. There will come a time for every homeowner where they consider it’s time to move to a large property or find a way to expand their current home to get the living space they need.

One of the most popular methods of making a home larger is to convert the existing – and unused – garage into a new room. A large garage can even be converted into several rooms. This new living space can be used for any reason, depending on what you need it for and the current design of your home. You could use the extension to have a larger kitchen or dining room, use it as a separate living room, as a utility room, or as a bedroom.

While many garage conversions are pretty straightforward and don’t require much changes to the exterior of a property, there are still several things to consider when planning the layout out of the extension, including things like windows and doors. That’s where our garage conversion plans and drawings can help.

The team at Thomasters Design are experienced with planning and designing conversions of any kind, including garage conversions. We’ve successfully overcome many challenges when it comes to designing a conversion, creating practical architectural concepts and designs for our clients. You can use these plans to get building permission – if necessary – or just get an idea of what your new garage will look like. We will assess your current garage, listen to your feedback about what you want from the conversion, and then create full designs and plans based on your ideas.

For the most part you won’t need planning permission for your garage conversion. Garage conversions often fall under permitted development rights, meaning you need a Certificate of Lawfulness at the most. Of course, there are some conversions that require complete planning permission. Count on us to help you with that.

You should keep in mind that whether you need planning permission for your conversion or not, you will absolutely need to submit scaled architectural drawings of the conversion to the local authority. That’s what we provide you with. These drawings outline the existing property and show all of the changes that will be made as part of the conversion.

If you would like us to create new planning drawings for your garage, or handle the planning application process for your garage conversion, then please get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.



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