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There are a number of advantages to building a double story house plan. Building up rather than out is more cost-effective given the cost of buying new land. When dealing with a small lot, it is tricky to fit everything into a small space when you have just one floor. Double story plans and drawings effectively double your living space without taking up any more room.

Do you live in a scenic area with a good view? A home with multiple stories let you take in the view with a higher vantage point.

Double story plans are designed to save land space and to be cost efficient, but that doesn’t mean that they skimp out on comfort or livability for it. These plans can include everything from a simple home for a weekend getaway, to a huge family sized practical home.

Building one level on top of another affords the chance to add extra square footage even when there are restrictions on the width and depth of the property. It is common to see with Narrow Lot Homes. They basically allow you to double the square footage and living space compared to a single story home on the same lot.

Double Storey Drawings

The double story plans and drawings we work with you to create include a range of multi-level home designs of any architectural style, including homes with lofts or a story-and-a-half design. They are available in a variety of sizes and they can be cheaper to build because they don’t need as many roofing or foundation materials. They also accommodate for growing families and large families in terms of privacy and extra space.

Upon approval of the plans we’ll submit them to the local authority for you if you need planning permission. We work to ensure that they are approved the first time, which includes consulting them over any small issues that might prevent it from getting approved.

Our plans are thoughtfully designed to accommodate all of your needs. A double story plan delivers a blend of function, practicality, style, and comfort.

Count on us to deliver a solid double story plans and drawings service. We’ll consult you and find out what you need from a second story in your home. Then we’ll draw up the plans for you and give you the chance to make any other adjustments.



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