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Archictcual drawing plans are the first steps towards Construction. Designing a house or any other building is one of the most vital parts of the construction process. Planning drawings are an integral part in designing the house and deciding on the layouts of the whole structure.

Architectural Drawings

Planning Drawings

When drawing up a plan, a floor plan is the first step in the design, floor plans are both drawn for single rooms or whole buildings. Mostly scales of 1:200 or 1:20 are used to draw the floor plans.

In floor plan drawings, symbols, hatchings and abbreviations are used to determine different dimensions, levels and determining the positions of materials, fittings, fixed furniture, lighting and appliances.

Sometimes when space structures and designs are too complex, separate floor plan drawings are made to easily explain the different trades such as lighting, plumbing etc.

About Thomasters Design

Here at Thomasters we provide Architectural Drawing Plans for Extensions, Renovations and New Builds.  Planning Permission Applications, Building Regulation Applications and Submission.


We are happy to talk through ideas that you have and also offer our own design advice.

Our aim is to bring your idea to life.

Site Survey & Design

Firstly we will conduct a Site Survey where work is proposed, then once we have your initial thoughts on your project intentions we will draft a feasible Sketch Design.

Planning Drawings

Once you are completely happy with your Design we will then get to the drawing board and get your Architectural Plans drawn up.

Planning Applications

Finally we will act as your agent and submit your plans along with all the necessary information required to your Local Council.

Loft Conversions

If your looking for extra space a loft conversion could be just what you need. Kids bedroom, an extra bedroom with en-suite, bathroom or a home office.

Barn Conversions

Converting a barn into a unique modern home in rural settings can be a pleasure to live in. Modern spaces with lovely characteristics of the barn.

Garage Conversions

If you don’t have the space outside your property for an extension a garage conversion could be the answer to having more living space.

New builds

A new build undoubtedly gives you the best opportunity to build and design the home of your dreams, that can be tailored to your family needs at a cost effective price.


Building an extension is far more cost effective than moving home. A single storey extension or double storey extension will give you that extra space you need.

Garden Rooms

Conservatories or garden rooms add space to your existing property. Conservatories create a lovely light space for a kitchen extension, dining room, play room or just a room to relax in.

Planning Agent

Planning Applications

Proposed planning drawings are required to be approved by the authorities to have the legal planning permission to construct the building. Planning applications are either detailed or outlined. Getting approval on proposed outlined planning application spares you from incurring extra cost on rejection of detailed designs, which is preferred by clients.

It is important to check with the local authority about the process and requirements of submitting a planning application. The meetings with planning authority are usually led by the lead designer but the client is sometimes required in the important meetings especially if the project is of sensitive nature.

It is advisable to get consultation before preparation of brief. The time it will take for grant of permission depends upon planning conditions, obligations or additional permissions.

Sometimes when space structures and designs are too complex, separate floor plan drawings are made to easily explain the different trades such as lighting, plumbing etc.

Get a FREE Consultation

Thomasters Design offer FREE consultations, we are happy to talk through ideas that you have and also offer our own design advice.

House Extensions

Extension Drawing Plans

When considering an extension on your home firstly determine what it is you need from it, highlighting the key functions before getting your architectural drawing plans drawn up and starting the design process.

If you need help with the design Thomasters Design can help. Every extension plan requires different type of planning drawings such as a lounge, store room, kitchen or a play area.

According to the rule of thumb an extension should not be 3 meters higher than the tallest column and on ground floor it should not extend more than three meters in an attached house and four meters in an unattached house.

Once you are happy with the design and plans drawn up they will then need approving by the authority before going into the construction phase. It is best to consult an architect for the extension plan and approval instead of doing it yourself.

Home Conversions

Loft Conversion Drawing Plans

Loft conversions are great for adding more space to your home. Lofts are large areas and can provide another bedroom, office or playroom, making great use of dead storage space.

When drawing up the design plans for the loft conversion you have to be very careful about using the stair position to minimize disruption and loss of space at the existing first floor when you are maximizing the new space in the loft area.

Unlike floor plans and extension drawings, loft conversion drawings do not need planning permission before execution. Only the building regulation purposes will require the drawings.

These drawings are required by the builders mainly for the accurate pricing and proceeding with the construction with minimum hassle. In some cases when roof dormers are extended in conservation areas, you will need a planning permission before construction.


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